Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fifty Years!

My friend was just telling me her parents are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary! They plan to take a cruise to Hawaii; I plan to stowaway in their suitcase, it's COLD here! They even have a share or something in a resort on the island. I would be jealous but really, they honored their commitment of marriage for a very long time - they deserve this.
One thing my friend is worried about is her mother's health. Combined with the fact that her mom is getting a bit forgetful, what if she forgets or runs out of medicine? Missing the cruise would be awful but worse would be getting sick on the cruise. I told her to look into some travel insurance, that way if they have any problems, there would be some peace of mind about money anyway.

Actually, I travel a lot too. Just because I'm not old yet doesn't mean something couldn't go wrong on one of our trips for me or my family. Wonder if I could be covered as a stowaway on a cruise ship to Hawaii?

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