Friday, January 4, 2008

Hannah Montana Tickets

I this Hannah Montana show really all it's cracked up to be? My girls are dying to go see Hannah in person but my options are stand in line at 3 in the morning in frigid 10 and 11 degree temperatures or pay upwards of $500 a ticket from scalpers. Is it really worth it?

I could buy so much more with that! Even the super amazing, specialty car spoiler that my brother wants for his new car is less than what I would spend for two tickets to the Hannah Montana Show. Is it really worth it?

Do you think that they would settle for a Hannah Montana shirt and a Hannah Montana toy, it would cost me nearly 90% less than actually buying them tickets. Is it really worth it?

I just can't decide. I have checked into all the other venues throughout the nation, as it is so easy for us to get there, but then again, Is it really worth it??????

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