Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you worry?

When your child starts getting old enough to branch out and try new things, do you get worried? I do! I worried when he wanted to play flag football, then I really worried when he liked it and wanted to play tackle football. But he loved them both and wants to play tackle football again this year.

Then I get a permission slip home from his teacher, asking my permission to have him tested and put into advanced Algebra next year. Then this week yet another permission slip, he wants to be on the Student Council. I worry that he is pushing himself too much. I worry that he will be hurt if he ever fails, not that I have actually ever seen him fail at anything he really wanted to do, but still I worry. I just worry because, I want to shelter and protect him from all the bad, awful things in this world and I worry that doing that will cause him to miss some of the most amazing joys this world has to offer.

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