Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do Kids Need Computers?

These days there is so much wonderful information available on the Internet and so many wonderful activities to keep kids entertained through the heat of the day. But is it all really necessary? It is such a huge expense to buy them computers even with the great electronic deals you can find, you are still pushing hundreds of dollars. Does it really make sense?

Personally, I believe it does. The world is headed in a direction where computer are now the norm and will soon be a constant. Poverty nowadays comes with a cell phone and a computer. Households that do not have money for groceries have computers, Internet access and cell phone communication. It's a way of life that our children need to get used to.

Now with the gas prices the way they are and the economy in a recession, more and more employers are turning to telecommuting to save on the overhead of the business and to help their employees save on the price of gas. Working from home, even for part of the work week is becoming more and more prevalent. By the time our kids are grown, they are going to need to know the computer and Internet inside and out for their jobs, for the day to day lives. I don't know that they necessarily need their very own computer, but I do think they need one available to them, protected age appropriately and monitored closely, but they need to know how to network, how to surf the net, how to send and receive e-mail and how to type. It will affect them in the future.

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