Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Video Games All Day

D's friend was here today and the boys basically sat ALL DAY on the XBox! Yes, I could have stopped it, D got tired of it but his friend can barely leave it long enough to eat or talk. I snatched them up and took them to the store to get a soda, then dropped them off about three minutes from the house to walk back - it was finally cool enough to be outside. D was ready to stay out for a bit but his friend couldn't wait to get back in and play. Time to clamp down on this!

It would have helped if D's bike was in riding condition, he needs a new inner tube I think. His brother managed to pop it and hasn't replaced it; instead he bought some kind of goo to fill it with. I'm not sure which way we're going on that... Anyway, D's friend said if D will fix his bike, maybe next time they're over here together, C (the friend) can bring his bike. That would be wonderful - his parents bring him in either a van or a truck so there's room. It's better when D goes to C's house, they have a trampoline, a large yard, lots of places to go in the neighborhood.

Because D never leaves the house normally, I had thought of a treadmill for exercise but exercise bikes might be better. I'd like either one and I know D (and C when he comes over) would be all into hooking them up to something. We could have a whole row of them! At least when they sit all day on games, they'd have to exercise to make them run. Some of these exercise bikes you can make payments on; when it's too hot to be outside, they and I could still be treating our bodies right!

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