Friday, July 18, 2008

Save BIG $$$ on Groceries + a Killer Deal on Newspapers

I am in love! I was introduced to a new website (completely free!!!) by a wonderful lady. She was giving a class on saving money on your groceries. I have seen this concept before but she had some great new ideas and wonderfully easy organizing tricks that even I can do. So here's the concept:
You combine the store's sale ads with coupons to get products at amazing prices, sometimes even free!

All you need to do is visit Grocery Smarts, use password g84ctw, and they make it all so easy. They list all the stores ads, combine them with the coupons from this week and previous weeks newspapers and tell you which ones will give you the best deals.

Some of the great deals from this week were Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner $0.50 each bottle, plus a free Mani or Pedicure! Power Aid Sports Drink; Free. Oral B Tooth Brush; Free. Juicy Juice, 8 pack Juice Boxes; $1.00. Duncan Hines Brownie Mix; $0.50 each. Stouffer's Family Size Dinners; 2/$5.00. These are some MAJOR savings! My receipts show well over 50% savings at all stores.

Now, I have just started so I don't have the coupon power that I will shortly. However, here is what is suggested. You should get one Sunday Paper for every member of your family, babies included. This allows you to get one product per person using the store ad and your coupons. So in my case, I would buy 7 news papers, one for each of us and I would have had 7 coupons for Power Aid. I would have been able to get 7 bottles of Power Aid for FREE! Oral B Toothbrushes, I could have gotten all of us toothbrushes for FREE! You get the picture, right?!?

Salt Lake Trib and Deseret News:

1 Sunday Paper each week $39/6 months

2 Sunday Papers each week $78/6 month + $8 Grocery Gift Card

3 Sunday Papers each week $117/6 months + $16 Grocery Gift Card

4 Sunday Papers each week $156/6 months + $32 Grocery Gift Card

Standard Examiner

1 Daily Paper and 5 Sunday Papers each week $17.50 per month for 6 months

(I know this sounds like a HUGE waste of paper, it does to me too. But just remember, all those papers you get can be taken to most elementary schools and they recycle them for money!)

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