Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gotta Do Something Else

Big C gets the opportunity to visit his friend once a week. At our house, we do not have any gaming devices, the computer is for me and my job only and the televisions hardly ever come on. So he gets there and there is an X-Box, a playstation 3, a computer that they can play on, a PSP and then the television, if they ever get around to it. He spends the whole time playing. I think that his friend gets a bit tired of it, but then the next day they come here and play outside. So I guess it all works out. They get the game time and then the outside time. But, I really wish they could make more games that were as educational as they are fun. Why can't they make war games more historic, I guarantee that you would have a world full of kids that knew their history!

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