Friday, July 4, 2008

Troubled Computer - Frantic Son

The computer is giving us a bit of a problem; we weren't sure if it was the computer itself or just the monitor. D brought the monitor from his room down to the main computer to try it and so far, it's working just fine. The monitor kept fading out and displaying horizontal white lines like a signal was being disrupted. D was frantic! He had borrowed big A's jump drive recently to get everything off of the computer in his room (the older computer that has no longer functional components and doesn't go online) to put it on the main computer. He's begging for more ram for the one in his room, I already had to do that for the one down here for my work - and then didn't really seem to need it! He was so relieved to find it's most likely the monitor that is causing the problem after he just copied all his files to this computer for safekeeping, all his music he's written on Cakewalk, and programs he's written.

Now he's trying to persuade me we need a flat monitor for both computers! I like the idea because then I can move this monitor up to the higher shelf and stand while i use the computer and down for him. He wants to sit while he uses the computer so we'd both be happy. Those thin monitors are easy and mobile, especially compared to lugging these huge unbalanced "old style" monitors. I already have been looking but he doesn't need to know that yet!

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