Monday, July 21, 2008

Eye Glasses

Wow, I am really behind on the news! I guess that there was a news story about an online company called Zenni on Fox News I guess they offer prescription eye glasses for as low as $8! Of course I hear this after I have my whole family's eyes checked and get glasses for the ones that need them. Big C, of course had to have the Converse brand frames, which were $125.00! That's before the lenses, protective coating, shatter proofing and scratch resistance! We are totally not talking cheap here! $8 would have been a bargain! So I decided to check them out.

I went to to see what they had. I am sure they are going to have basic, run of the mill, glasses. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Boy was I wrong! They had a better selection than Sears and all of them, I mean every single child's frame was totally reasonably priced! They didn't have any designer brands for kids, that I could find, but what they did have were stylish and trendy and not a single pair was more than $29.95! Every single pair was under $30! That just can't be beat!

So now I am left thinking that I definitely paid too much for Big C's glasses. However, I know he will lose them, break them or just plain grow out of them like he does everything else at the moment. So a little vindication comes from knowing that I know am armed with the information I need to make the right decision next time!

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