Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Air Hockey Table and Selling Memories

In my dining room taking up way too much space is what I thought would be so much fun to have: an air hockey table. It was in storage with everything else for years so I was excited to have it out again and available for my son. To play takes two so I thought my oldest would play it with him and I would too. I imagined laughing family interaction, good times spent together. But my oldest openly told my youngest that he'll never play it, he doesn't like things like that. He sure did when HE was D's age!

Oh, well. At least D and I could play it and when D's friend comes over for the day, they could play it together. Yeah, right. D doesn't really want to play it and his friend, who LOVES air hockey, isn't interested when he comes over. All he wants to do is play computer games! NOT what I had in mind!

Poor air hockey table, sitting there taking up so much room, being used to pile junk on. I'm going to look up a good sale price for it and get rid of it I suppose. I hate to. We were so sad to have to pack it away, the boys all loved it so much before. Now nobody cares about it at all. I'll post a photo ad for it somewhere and see what happens. I thought grocery store bulletin boards had gone away but yesterday I saw one in Harmon's! There's also a laundromat with a bulletin board that I can try. Unless I decide the grandbabies are almost tall enough to use it. They do like it but since they're still short, they keep forgetting about it other than to play underneath it! It makes a good fort after all.


feefifoto said...

I had the same experience with all the Brio trains -- I thought my son would love them but he wasn't the least bit interested. We sold them on eBay as practically brand new, for a nice price.

Tia said...
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Tia said...

My friend swears by eBay! Of course, an air hockey table is a bit big for that which is why I'm thinking of local bulletin boards.
It's so sad, isn't it?