Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just Take A Look!

Never Mind, It Won't Be Colorado!
I was considering going in with my brother on a place in Colorado but the law they passed (or are considering passing?) is horrible! Good grief, what an idea, to not allow separate bathrooms because someone is not normal? Some people who wish they were the opposite sex that they are, someone whose physical body doesn't match their mental makeup, someone who is "deformed" determines how normal people live?!

Do we also have to plant a little pet area in the restrooms for those who are confused and think they're dogs? Do we have to outlaw running tracks because some people can't run? Outlaw school because some people are retarded and it's mean to make them feel abnormal?

They ARE abnormal. It's a sad thing and helping messed-up people is part of what we need to do, but to adjust the entire world to pander to (not the right phrase) sick, hurt, deformed people to the detriment of people who are not suffering that way is way out of line!

Bathrooms are about genitals, people! Take a look and go to the appropriate place!

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