Saturday, May 31, 2008

Exercise, Exercise, Come On Everybody, Do Your Exercise

Last night I reminded D - and myself - that we no longer need to stay inside all summer, in Utah we have nice weather. It's not really summer yet, but the sun is out, birds are singing, breezes are blowing, it's perfect. When it DOES get too hot, I'm going to want some type of exercise machine. D has been interested in treadmills ever since he used my mom's - that was years ago!

He wants one to run a motor that will do something, we haven't figured out what yet. The boys' dad always said he wants one that is required to go a certain speed to run the TV. I love that idea but we don't watch THAT much TV. Their dad did but we don't. I'd like to try one that runs my computer but I'm afraid to hook it to my work computer. What if I don't have that much energy one day at 6 a.m.?

Exercise machines come with all sorts of entertainment options to hook to them. But this I don't get - they're not run by your exercise! They're just to entertain you WHILE you work out. So I'll be spending tons of money (or would be if I had it to spend!) for a machine to do artificial exercise on that D will take apart to make even harder to use!

Maybe I'm strange but it sounds like fun to me.

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