Saturday, May 17, 2008

Could This Be The Place?

Yes, it's time to go hiking and camping but where? My oldest used to go up the mountain across the street, but we're now living down in the city area. Feels odd to have to PLAN a place to go hike. I prefer my own property to have enough space or at least nature that I don't have to drive to!

When I was a kid, we went mountain-climbing, camping, and hiking all the time. It was so incredibly much fun, especially climbing actual huge boulders, not necessarily on a well-defined path. We found streams, rivers, perfect swimming holes at the bottom of waterfalls. How did my dad always manage to find these places?!

Here's a place, I'd love to own property up here. Winter Park real estate. I love the name, the location, the property itself. Not the price though and I don't even know what it is, I just know it's way out of my reach! My brother, however... I wonder if he actually bought that land he finally decided on? This really looks like something he'd like. He's a city boy, very much so, downtown Manhattan city boy, but he likes to think he has some country in him. Wonder if I could persuade him? This is exciting, it could happen for real, he would come visit out west and we could have an awesome place like this to play! Luxury in the middle of the wilderness, can it get better than that?!

I just realized, the part of this offer that I wasn't sure of is probably exactly what would entice my brother into saying yes. You own this property but it's shared - I think. I didn't know why one would want to share ownership but that's better than renting for those looking for tax write-offs! This may be the key. Or not. I'm definitely not one of those who has ever needed such a thing! But another point to mention to my brother at least.

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