Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Is TOO Comfortable

If I'm not careful, I'll be looking for some Phentermine myself. You know those articles and blurbs that ask if you're just too busy to keep up with things every day? I'm one that says No. I'm not involved in any activities, it's a bit absurd how little we do here. It never bothered me too much before, I always was so active at work and D would be out playing and running around.

Now I stay mostly in one place to work, D schools at home and does everything possible to not leave the house. Home is so comfortable and comforting, and welcoming. I love to be home. But the season has changed, the weather calls me outside. Snow is the best in my opinion but I do love sunny days. Not hot days but sunny. When we have snow everywhere and plenty of sun, that's my perfect day, but they don't go together too well!

Little A has asked to go hiking so I guess it is finally time. D's friend leaves today for a camping trip with Scouts. It's time to listen to the young and get our blood moving!

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