Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can I Handle A Sedentary Job?

My new job has started and it's a drastic change of lifestyle. I sit all day, (well, half the day) at my computer. Normally I look for jobs that keep me moving as fast as possible all day. That's how I feel the best, enjoy my work the most, stay the healthiest. Suddenly I have to consider artificial ways to exercise!
I don't consider taking diet pills a viable alternative but apparently many people do. If someone's gotten so out of control that they're past the obvious ways to reach a relatively healthy weight, and need to use something to at least get started on the path to better health, they may be looking for help. There's a pill called Fenphedra that seems to be popular; it speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. Depending on what you need and your current state of health, it may give you the start you need. I'm sure I'll never try this but who knows? My new job keeps me sitting on my backside all day and my son keeps making brownies...

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