Saturday, May 17, 2008

Up and At 'Em!

Sitting all day will NOT work. Instead, I've moved my work computer up so that I can see it from a standing position, I put a large box on a tray table for my keyboard and mouse and work standing up and pacing and stretching. Much better! It doesn't look very professional but it'll have to do. I'm thinking of making (or finding to buy) a podium desk of some sort. Hmmm, or just a podium, one large enough to hold a keyboard, a notebook, and the mouse. Maybe I should be looking for a church supply store instead of office equipment.
Now I have to persuade everyone else that this computer should be up high too but that will take a lot of doing. Actually I don't think it will happen, they prefer sitting.
The stupid thing is that I adjusted my work setup so that I can be comfortable, then bought cookies, ate a whole row (five cookies) last night and then five more this morning! So much for feeling healthy and comfortable. Why do I do things like that?

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