Saturday, May 31, 2008

Doors and Alarms and Baby Tinys

My doorknob doesn't work! We're in a rental so we're limited in what we can do I suppose. Is the house settling or something? Suddenly the bathroom door doesn't close - it won't latch. I could find a new doorknob at Schlage, one that will properly latch. On my bedroom door, it isn't all that important, I'm rarely in there but the bathroom is a different matter entirely! Especially when the grandbabies are here! You know THAT routine, right? If it's a locked door, littles bang and cry and try to break in because you're not letting them in. If the door was open, they wouldn't care at all.
D's door closes but has no lock. For his friend's birthday, I bought a gift for the friend and one for D - alarm systems from SpyGear. Both the boys (D and his friend) have little ones to keep their stuff protected from. They've set up these alarms so that whenever a little crosses the beam of light, the first alarm goes off, then a bit later, a shrieking LOUD alarm starts blaring and THEN (yes, there's more :-) it shoots a rubber dart at the intruder! Very funny to watch the littles get caught.
I want a fancy front door. I'm thinking of looking for a home to buy again so I can do what I want with it. The toss-up is that then I'd have to do all the maintenance myself. Doors, blinds, painting, etc. - all that is fine, even fun. But for fixing water heaters and electrical problems I really prefer being able to just make a call for FREE help!

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