Sunday, June 1, 2008

Daydreaming about Homes

When I consider buying a home, I look at all the homes I pass while driving, trying to decide where I want to live, what kind of home I want, how big. Mostly it's daydreaming, I'm not sure that I want to buy at all. The very "temporariness" of renting is attractive to me - I can take off on very short notice.

Something I've noticed is that I like brick homes, many are stunningly beautiful! But so many homes have vinyl siding instead of brick. The first home I owned, our "real" home where my babies were raised, was a 3 bedroom house with vinyl siding and I quickly saw the advantages. It looks as good as wood but comes minus the termites! The look of brick is beautiful but this is earthquake country - I imagine piles of bricks crumbling on our heads if a tremor hits! Maybe it wouldn't but it worries me anyway. Besides, vinyl is cheaper to buy and cheaper to repair.

I just have to decide where I want to live permanently and if I do at all. Somewhere with no mice, spiders, bugs, no deadly hot summers, reasonable snowfall, neighbors that disappear when I want to be alone and re-appear when I'm feeling like having company...

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