Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Free Imaginary Home Decorating

Since my mother-in-law bought her new old home - really, that's what it is - I've been imagining furnishing a house in that style. She's planning to refurbish in the style of the early 1900s, she'll have a wraparound porch (it had one, guess it's being redone), a large wood stove, wood floors. She did say she wants carpet. At first that surprised me but she said she'll sacrifice authenticity for comfort and efficiency on this point - she wants warm toes! Besides, they had carpet or at least rugs by then, didn't they?
I love wood stoves, used to have one and when the power went out, it was wonderful! We cooked on it, kept warm by it, read together by its light...
I tried to find things that fit the early 1900s motif, I found a site that has light fixtures , lamps, and chandeliers of all styles. I realize i'm looking at what i imagine to be the right old-fashioned style but then have to remember this is the old west. Kind of. There's pretty much some of every style here so something will work. What i like is the idea of a chandelier over the front door. Then again, maybe not, it's very windy in her area, would that be safe? I know she wants plenty of light, she uses a cane to walk right now as it is. And she would use the porch to relax and read, drink her tea, talk with her guests. Okay, i'm getting carried away, imagining something in the style of Tara in Gone With The Wind!
But that's the fun part in decorating someone else's house in your imagination! I can change styles as often as i want, spend as much money as i want, and reality doesn't have to intrude!

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