Monday, February 18, 2008

Looking For Property

My little brother still wants to buy land and set up a commune. He says he's wants a cult but doesn't want to run it. But then, after i get him off the crazy talk, he admits he wants a family property, a place he can come to and have all his family and friends gathered around him. He worked in the WTC and so did my other brother so family and safety, all that, have become way more important to him than ever before. He wants everyone gathered safely in one place!

He asks me to keep an eye out for good property, I told him about the land given away in Kansas (I think it was) but he isn't looking for tornado country! There is PLENTY of beautiful land here in Utah, I tell him sometimes about property I've seen but so far, he hasn't jumped. I'm really not sure he should do this here anyway, my sister and parents are well-established on the east coast. We looked in Virginia before when I was in Maryland, thought we found something he wanted but then he decided not to. I think the wild west draws his attention but practicality makes him look at the east - so he's pulled two directions and can't make up his mind!

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