Monday, February 18, 2008

Kids Can Be Frightening

My grandson is having some sort of trouble, hopefully nothing but we're checking it out. His feet turned dark red or purple like he's getting no proper circulation in them. The first time it happened I wasn't too worried, he had been sitting on his knees for a while at the table. When I went to stand him on the floor to take him to wash, he wouldn't put one foot down, just cried. I realized his foot had fallen asleep so i rubbed his leg and foot until he was better. But about 20 minutes later, my son was dressing him and I saw the baby's whole leg and that foot was still red. Then it happened again the next day, he was on the sofa after waking up from a nap, head down on the arm of the sofa and on his knees - it was really cute. But then i noticed his feet were dark, dark purple and he kept fussing. I don't know what this is but it's more than a foot going to sleep. My son wonders if he's got a pinched nerve, can babies do that?!

His mom has just had another baby (not my grandchild), this baby seems to have tremors, she's wondering if they're seizures. All this reminded me of a child named David I used to have in my kindergarten class. He was the handsomest little thing! Black hair (I love black hair), blue eyes and a mischievous grin. He had some sort of disorder though, something with his muscles, maybe nothing like these problems, just made me think of him. I think he had cerebral palsy. People were acting like this was a problem that would get worse over time but I just found this cerebral palsy therapy site that sounds like it won't. At least there are things that can be done, treatments that can help. This little boy was so sweet, and I was glad to see the compassion in the other little boys when they realized he couldn't run and play like they could. They found ways to include him.

I don't know what we'll find out about my grandson and his sister, hopefully all is well with them both. Kids can be so frightening, you never know if it's just something that will go away or something to be terrified about.

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