Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For My Homeschool Curriculum

Just playing around, trying to decide on a name and logo for curriculum and ideas that come from homeschooling my boys, I found a site where I can make a real, official logo design, and business cards. It's really easy to do, they lead you through five steps and voila! It's done!

The hardest part was figuring out a name, but there is a lot of helpful advice even about that. There's help through every step, they tell what things to consider. Then there are choices about what type of company you have so that you can match the type of logo to what you most want to emphasize.

I wanted to point out that my curriculum is to get kids' minds soaring, taking off in their imagination with every new thing they discover. At first, I looked at logos with brains, but that just wasn't right. They have a search box, so after looking at some of the possibilities (there was a comet for one), I typed in rocket and there they were!
It's really worth looking through the offerings; you'll either find what you want or find something even better than you started with. There are LOTS of choices. You can choose font styles, sizes, colors, then the templates give options I hadn't even considered. Not only is it a great business choice, I had fun just playing with it!

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