Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My parents should LIVE in Branson

The next time i drive across the US, something i do more often than most people, i HAVE to stop in Branson. My parents love it so much that it's become the meeting point for relatives from opposite sides of the country. My aunt from Texas, my parents from SC, and their friends who are usually traveling somewhere, always make that their meeting point.
My mom's favorite is, okay, ONE of my mom's favorites was the show where they have dancers from all over the world doing their different cultural dances. On one trip they took my nieces who both thoroughly enjoyed it as well, there are things in Branson for adults, kids, old, young, male, female.
Another one of the draws is the Elvis impersonator, my mom and her sisters and cousins have pictures of themselves with one of them in particular, a guy named Lou that they absolutely adore!
My parents don't usually avail themselves of the package deals but the relatives and friends definitely do. These packages cover your hotel, meals, certain shows, there are a variety of choices. If you don't find one that fits your needs, they custom design one for you! When i go, i'll need a package, even a tour, i get lost WAY too easily! With a package, you can be sure you don't forget or get distracted from the things you didn't want to miss, there's an awful lot to see and do so that would be easy to happen. Then the next time (this is one of those places that you will definitely go back to for more!), you just go with a different package to have a whole different vacation! Or just customize it to keep those things you love so much, you don't want to do without, and add a thing or two for the novelty.
I hear so much about Silver Dollar City, the Chinese guy with the violin, the Russian named Smirnoff who was so thrilled to see signs when he arrived in America saying, "America loves Smirnoff", he thought his fame had already reached overseas - until he realized it meant the vodka! I heard a lot about the Chinese acrobats from my nieces, they were quite impressed. There's a theme park with rides and such in Silver Dollar City so my son will like that part too. He loves hotels and FOOD too so this will be so perfect! It's probably expensive for me but there are all sorts of coupons too (my parents love coupons) to help with that.

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