Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I Found In Storage

My youngest will NOT be thrilled if i tell him about some of the things I found as I'm unpacking boxes from my storage. His old baby toys are amusing him, he's remembering and having fun. But I also found his brother's homeschool schoolbooks! I'm excited, he most certainly, definitely won't be! LOL! These are for 8th grade, my son now is in 7th but they can be adapted. The algebra he won't mind so much probably but grammar and writing?! I can SO see him running to his room, shutting the door, and blocking it with everything he can find! Then he'll be on his knees on the other side, moaning and begging, "Noooo, Mom, pleeeeeease, nooooooo!" This may sound like exaggeration but really - a 13 year old boy and schoolwork - it's no exaggeration!

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