Friday, February 29, 2008

Lots of Books Cheap!

For those of you in the Ogden area or anywhere near, you may know of the Bookshelf. It's going out of business now, i think the owner died and the (wife?) is retiring.

They're having a liquidation sale, by now everything is 80% OFF!! I bought 14 books last night for FIVE DOLLARS! I love books, i made sure to go by myself because i can stay forever. Last night i was there for four hours! And I didn't get to finish really. These are used books, some well-used, very old, some classics, some new books that people read and gave away. Great Place for bibliophiles! That's ME!

I found some historical fiction to round out history lessons, ds just told me today he likes learning history this way much better than with just a textbook. I bought a couple about the west (he was born here after all!), a couple of kids in the Revolutionary War, one from the Civil War, Vikings, others, some were just for fun. He always says he wishes he could rewind time so that whatever annoying, bad, or sad thing just happened could be erased. I found a book called "Rewind To Yesterday". He grinned when he saw that one!

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