Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Old Homestead

My in-laws have bought their old homestead in Nebraska, my m-i-l was born there. It needs a lot of renovation, the house was built in 1910, updated and repaired somewhere in the 70s or 80s. She was so excited about the plans, not so excited about the cost. But still, yet someone else is buying property - I want to!
Or not. One good thing about renting is that i have no obligations beyond the year or so; if i see a need to move, i can. The bad thing is i have no yard to do with as i will. But since my ds never goes outside, does it matter? I'm hoping this will change when he acclimates, SC to UT is a big change!
He's a native but he's been gone a long time, he's been through a lot of changes in his life.
What i love here is the weather, it's cold. No, i don't like to freeze, don't like to slip on ice, or spinout in the car because of snow. But dealing with this isn't as bad as the deadly heat of the southeast! At least, not to me. I did enjoy not having to find boots, coats, gloves, and all that just to run out and check the mail however!

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