Monday, February 18, 2008

Jumping For Joy!!

After 6 (7? 8?) YEARS my belongings are in my house! No more storage! YIPPEE!

I am finally in the same state with all my furniture, my knickknacks, my children's baby toys. It's been so long that I'm passing some down to THEIR kids! No longer do i pay for the privilege of not having access to any of my things. No longer am i sleeping on an air mattress while my bed is behind a locked door up in the mountains. My clothes are out of boxes and in real drawers, in my very own lovely dresser! The air hockey table that my youngest was too young to see over the side of is now here for him to play - with me, i really like air hockey! The table is bigger than I remembered, aren't things supposed to get smaller when you see them again in real life? WHERE is this thing going to fit? Especially now that i have my real dining room table again!

I am so excited about this! My friend crooked her little finger and sent two of her men scurrying to help me with the moving, they provided a trailer, and I have my things!!! Once again, YIPPEE!

Of course, she didn't really "crook her little finger and send them scurrying", it just amused me to phrase it that way. She asked (told) them I needed help and like the true men they are, they DID. Is it too undignified for me to jump up and down with joy like a two-year-old?

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