Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bid 4 Prizes

I love sweepstakes and contests! I seldom win but it is always fun to try. I have been playing on this great site called Bid 4 Prizes. The point is to place the lowest unique bid.

They have some completely awesome prizes. I tried and tried for the Sony LCD Monitor they had but with no luck! Now they have a Nintendo Wii! And a Playstation 3! How cool are those? My favorite is the $500 Tiffany Gift Card, that's the one I am currently hoping to win!

Like I said the point is to have the lowest bid that is a unique bid. You don't actually have to pay what you bid, which would not be bad considering you are bidding in cents. But then to top it off you get a token for the arcade each and every time you place a bid. Your tokens can be used in the arcade for other great prizes or points to use in their rewards store.

I have had a blast on this site!

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