Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese

Last night I took my children to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the birthday's of the two oldest. This has become a tradition of ours. The kids get lots and lots of tokens and we combine all the tickets to let the birthday kids get a big prize. Everyone gets something, the un-birthday kids get enough points to get two small prizes and the birthday kids get to split the rest.

This was a lot of fun, but I am starting to realize that this is a very expensive outing. Overall, it cost us just over $90 for 3 hours of food and fun. Now some things to factor in are, we usually go with coupons from the Sunday paper that save us nearly $20 and also, we got so many tokens that the kids could not use them all. However, I am thinking that for the next set of birthdays, we will see if we can find something else. The Classic Fun Center may be a good option.

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