Monday, May 21, 2007

Seduce a Celeb

Ladies, this is just for they guys. Tell all your guy friends and help them make a creative video, they need all the help we can give them, and get them to submit it to for a chance to win a date with the gorgeous Actress, Mirelly Taylor, from movies like Kiss Me Again and Serving Sara and television shows including “Las Vegas” (one of my favorites!), “Punk’d” (another totally great show!), and “Numb3rs”. Check out this video to get more information!

Now that you know more of the details, grab your single guy friends and help them out! Then go check out all the Free videos at, and before you know it, it will be our turn to try for a chance to seduce a celebrity! Maybe we can get a crack at that gorgeous producer of theirs, that Andrew Firestone! Wow is he a hottie!

Just remember that just any old video is not going to win the votes. You need to be creative, adventurous, intriguing! You are going to have to help your guy friends stand out in the crowd, and by the looks it, just the sheer number of videos, there is going to be quite the crowd! Take some time to look over the videos and get an idea of what everyone else is doing and do something different, something better! And of course, you can't over loon the fact that you will have a great time watching all those great clips! Some are funny, some are really bad and some are just plain wrong! They are all good for a great laugh!

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