Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Furniture vs. Used

It is hard as parents to weigh the benefits of having new home furniture and a nice clean house with having a home your children can feel comfortable in. I have walked into home where I felt like if my kids moved they were going to break or wrinkle something. I remember thinking, this is no place to raise a child. On the other hand, I have been in homes where the home is dirty, the furniture is dirty and I think the same thing.

Raising children is a fine balance. The conclusion I have come to is this. My children are welcome in any room in my home. If I have a precious keepsake or breakable decoration, those are best kept up high or in a cabinet. As for my furniture, I will keep with the hand-me-down, used furniture. If the children happen to miss the paper while drawing me a picture, I am not out $3000 for the couch. When my children are older, I can have new furniture and decorate my home with little trinkets, but for now, this is my children's home. I will keep it clean and healthy but not overly stiff and hopefully before too long, I will have to put all my precious keepsakes back away because my children want to bring their children back to their home.

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