Thursday, May 31, 2007


There was a time when I thought that I was too old to learn, I had kids so I could not go back to school. Well that has all changed. I found I feel much better when I have learned something new or read an interesting article. I love reading informative articles and I love doing a search and just reading what comes up. I find it a great way to learn new things and it usually gives me something to talk about. So you can guess why this next site appealed to me.

Encyclocentral provides over 9000 original, informative and authoritative articles all written by experts in their various fields. You can search for almost anything. Take Family for example and see what you come up with. There are at least 90 stories, just pertaining to that.

Try a search on humor and the first thing it brings up is a story about the life of David Letterman. Of course it brings up 67 other stories as well! Another one of my favorites is Kids and Teens, there are tons of great ideas for helping your child learn all sorts of neat things.

There are just so many, I won't keep going on and on, but if you have a few minutes it is definitely worth a look and I can almost promise you, you will find something worth talking about.

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