Thursday, June 14, 2007

Keep Kids Going

I know it get hot outside and during the heat of the day, kids really should be inside. However, sitting still in front of a television set or a game cube is not the answer. Find activities for them to do. Make an atmosphere that is welcoming for them and their friends. This will not only help you to form a closer relationship with your older children, but also insure you are familiar with their friends and those they choose to associate with. This will give you greater control over influencing them for a longer period of time.

A great way is by having things for them to do. Pool tables are great for older kids. Even poker tables are great to have. They will use them for all sorts of thing. Kids love to play cards, but they also love to build and there are all sorts of new table games like Starwars Miniatures or Warhammer 40K, both of which my husband and 11 year old son love to play! It gets them inside, out of the heat, but out from in front of the Game Cube.

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