Thursday, June 7, 2007

Take Your Kids Golfing

Everyone loves to golf. It is a relaxing and calming sport and it can be played with very little instruction. And it is a great way to bring families together. Kids love to golf because they get to hit a ball with a stick. They don't care so much for form or even getting it in the hole in a reasonable amount of time, they just enjoy being outside, hitting something with a stick and being with their parents. Callaway golf is a great manufacture of clubs bags and more with Junior sets starting around $200, so it doesn't have to be an expensive hobby.

Miniature golf is a good way to get started, especially with very young children. The courses are usually very colorful and fun and open enough without being so open that it takes years to find the ball your 5 year old just hit. Take the time to help your child learn the proper form and other tips to make it as stress free as possible for them. But most of all, let them have fun. If that includes scooting the ball around with the club, so be it. Form and precision will come in time, IF they learn to enjoy it first.

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