Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cub Scout Express Ideas and Fun

We just had our weekly pack meeting and I wanted to share with you what worked and what didn't.

We had our awards attached to darling little paper cutouts of train engines from the Cri-cut machine. In all honesty, the boys didn't really pay any attention to them. They would have much preferred a model train bringing them in which was one of the suggestions.

We bought Twinkies, butter cream icing and various candies such as starlight mints, M&M's, Spice drops and string licorice. Each boy got one Twinkie on a small plate, a couple of each of the candies and a small cup with icing and a fork. They were told to decorate their Twinkies into a train car. This took nearly 30 minutes and they had a ball. Every time one of the boys came and showed me their train, I would hold it up and loudly announce what a wonderful train they had made. They "ate" it up! It was great fun and surprisingly, they did not make too bad a mess. We were even in a carpeted room.
Some tips for this activity: Buy Twinkies in bulk from Sam's Club or The Hostess Store
The Bakery at Albertson's will sell you bulk icing in a clamshell container.
Little 3oz cups with a fork size scoop of icing is plenty
Popsicle sticks would probably be preferable to using forks

We used the ticket book idea out of the Program Helps and it worked great as a gathering activity and kept the kids busy while we got ready, however, handing them back out is really not productive or proactive. Lots of crying kids because they could not remember people or read the writing. Do the gathering activity, skip the handing them back out.

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