Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take a Vacation

I just want to share the current experience I am having. I have had the wonderful opportunity to come across a Continental Airlines employment opportunity that is going to allow me to work the reservations desk from the comfort of my home. Now, I am very, very cautious when it comes to work at home deals and I have found very few that are legit and worth the time and effort. Continental Airlines is one of those companies. They pay you $6.89 per hour to start and all through your training. Then once you start on the phones, they guarantee you an extra $1.55 per hour for your first year. Not only that, they offer you all of the regular in-house benefits. Medical and Full Flight Benefits. Just my flight benefits are well worth it! Myself, my husband, my children and my parents can fly anywhere in the continental United States for as little as $30 round trip! I can't wait. I will be taking a vacation very soon! How about you?

Continental Airlines should be starting a new round of hiring within the next month or two. Keep an eye out for it.

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