Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Story Of Mulan: Fact or Fiction?

My children asked me last night if Mulan, the Disney version, was a true story. I love questions like this as it gives us an opportunity, as a family, to discuss a topic, theorize on the different possibilities and formulate an opinion and then go to the wonderful world of the web and find the factual answer. This is a great learning opportunity for children as well as myself. I learn wonderful new things and my children begin to learn the art of formulating an opinion but then being open minded when the actual facts are presented.

The facts in this case are that while Mulan is a based on a true story, as typically as Disney does, it is very loosely based on that true story from Chinese Folklore. However, the great thing about Disney s they take common fairytales and bring them to life. Fairytales that most children and adults alike would never have heard of other wise. It is then our job to go and find out "the real story". Have you ever read the real Cinderella Story?

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