Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wear A Helmet

I cannot impress how direly important it is for you child to wear a bicycle helmet when they ride their bicycle and just as importantly to wear it correctly. I wanted to point out some great sites for information and statistics.

Here is a link to a government site that will teach you how to correctly wear a bicycle helmet, including illustrations.

Nationally, only about 15 percent of all kids wear bike helmets according to this study asking kids what they think about bicycle helmets.

And you play a huge role in getting kids to wear their helmets. According to a special report on wearing helmets, "if parents wear helmets when they bicycle, then about 98% of kids wear helmets.".

This is such a serious and scary issue as so, so many children do not wear helmets when they ride their bicycles and the injuries and deaths that occur because of it are sobering. Don't take the risk. Protect that precious little head!

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