Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scheduling Problems Solved

One of the hardest things I face in my day to day lives, especially with the schedule I outlined in my last post, is being able to schedule things so that i can remember them, don't overlap them and can get them done in a stress free manner. I think that is a daily struggle with anyone. Time management is a difficult thing. But Famundo is a great new, free service, designed to help you organize your daily life. It provides the ability to create a family hub, to replacing your huge calendar on the wall and the dry erase board by the door. No more refrigerator magnets or sticky notes all over the house. It can help you manage the family schedule and give you control over your life again. It has features like a "Homepage, Family Calendar, Message Board, Address Book, List Manager, Online File Storage, Photo Albums, Blog Engine and Family Vaults." It is easily shared, and downloaded to. It great for the children's online school newsletters. They can be downloaded right into your family calendar. I think I might actually be able to manage my hectic schedule with this wonderful new tool. It's going to be great and it is so easy to use.

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