Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Treehouse

What can i say but The Treehouse is a wonderful place! Kids stay entertained there for hours and hours! I can take a book if i want and read while my granddaughter is happily and educationally entertained. Mostly i follow her around but on occasion it's good to lead her to something and discuss it with her. She enjoys finding out things. She loves the doll section and the dollhouse but was happy to listen to me for a few minutes discussing the different types of dolls and who they represent. Since she's four, she's enthralled with princesses and is therefore ready and willing to hear the history stories available upstairs with the throne, costumes and all that.

Now I have to get my son there so my 2 year old grandson can go too. I can't imagine taking them both at once with just me! They'll immediately head off in five different directions at once - and there are only two of them!

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