Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adorable, Beautiful Babies and Their Stuff!

Today after work, I have to make sure I get to the post office again, I have so much trouble getting things mailed! I have a gift card for Barnes and Noble for my son, a pretty stationery set for my daughter-in-law, and of course, something for the baby!

This time it's a toy, earlier my daughter-in-law asked for bedding for the baby - she and my son were surprised at how many times a baby's sheets need to be changed! I sent several a few weeks ago, now I'm wondering if they need more, should I say I'm hoping?! There are so many adorable things for babies! This site has plenty of baby bedding, it also has pre-baby things for the soon-to-be-mommy.

Check this out on that page, it's HILARIOUS! Under Most Popular Selling Products, middle of the section, it's great! The pacifier, do you see what it says?! I work on the phones all day and that really struck me, I'm still smiling about it!

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