Sunday, June 1, 2008

I Want Traveling To Be Cheap and Easy Again

D is SO ready for a long trip. We need to go to California to see the newest addition to the family, my newest little grandbaby. I don't know why I'm so hesitant to drive to CA, I had no problem driving here to Utah from the east coast. Traveling is wonderful, I really enjoy it. The only reason I don't jump in the car and take off is that I'm not sure we have enough time to drive and that it would be better to fly. But even making reservations a month or two out is no less expensive. Plus, if we drive, we can take some of the myriad of boxes of books and assorted belongings my second son left at home when he moved out! THAT I can't afford to do on a plane now that they're charging for every box or bag you take.

Really I need to get online and check out distances, gas prices, cost of mailing boxes, all those things, before I can make a wise decision. I procrastinate because, so far, everything I discover says it will be prohibitively expensive no matter what I choose. So here we sit...

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