Monday, June 9, 2008

Shrinking for Health and Happiness

On a forum I visit a woman posted about the heartbreak of not being able to have kids. I've never met her but it reminded me of a woman I knew "back east" who recently had a baby after none for so long. Their situations were completely different, the woman I knew was hugely obese and she was too unhealthy to be pregnant as a result. I never really had thought about that before but it makes sense. This woman was suffering in all kinds of ways because of obesity, I don't know what was wrong that led to it in the first place.
She moved away for a long time with her mother to be under a doctor's care and had surgery. I don't know if it was lap-band los angeles area surgery but there are centers in several locations. Now she's over 250 pounds lighter, her face is sparkling, she has energy and...a beautiful baby boy! Not that that will be the result every time :-) . I'm so happy for her!

I don't know what other health problems she had, obviously people that get that huge don't do it just from overeating. But just being normal sized helped her self-esteem enough to give her a better attitude toward her health - we all know how much of an impact attitude has on a person!

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