Monday, June 9, 2008

Is There Still Slavery?

Some tree outside is blowing cotton everywhere - there are so many bits of this white fluff that it looks at times as if it's snowing. At first it was amusing, now...

It made me start thinking of people working in cotton fields, workers, slaves. That led me to wonder about people who are slaves now, even if we call where they work a sweatshop. Are there really still these situations? I've heard references to it from those who are furious about outsourcing by "money-grubbing" big companies. It goes against what America stands for; to make a profit off of slavery is definitely anti-American. I've read about slavery all through history, in most ancient cultures. It sounds as if every group of people have been slaves at one time or another - Greeks, Celts, Africans, Jews... Does it really still go on? And I'm not talking about people who are kidnapped against the laws of their country, I know that goes on everywhere. I'm talking about where it's just a fact of life, maybe even legal.

All this from tree seeds blowing in the wind.

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Petula Wright said...

Hi! I like your blog... I happened by from Entrecard! I'll be back.