Monday, June 2, 2008

Reminders Of Home

A woman at my work mentioned that she has a gift basket shop or small company. I don't know the details but I remember seeing selling gift baskets listed as a great work-from-home business. I like the idea but I've never actually bought gift baskets for anyone. The first time I tried to put one together myself, I found that I was individualizing it to the point that it could never be a generic gift. But one would be perfect for giving to neighbors or co-workers in an office.

Just last night I read a blog written by a woman living in a foreign country; she was missing her home. Can't you just imagine how wonderful it would be for a friend or family member to send her a gift basket of things from home? That could even work in America for people who have moved to a distinctly different part of the country - send grits and magnolia scented somethings to a displaced southerner, packets of coffee from that special shop to a northerner who's moved...whatever feels like "home".

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