Monday, June 9, 2008

Is It Really So Hard To Send Mail?

Father's Day is coming, I wonder if I'll get things bought and sent in time? Probably should have already done it, true? I'm waiting now for a call from my parents telling me they received the package I sent, I wish I could write this part in smaller letters because it's SO BAD:

The package contained birthday cards, anniversary card, Mother's Day, pictures of the babies. Why is that bad? Their 50th anniversary was in FEBRUARY! Their 50th! That's major and wonderful so what kind of daughter waits this long to send cards and gifts?? One like me apparently.

It's not entirely my fault in a way. My dad hates holidays and attention, my son (not D) is the same way. Well, yes, D is too quite often. The boys' dad was too. Surrounded by males who don't want to be told when to acknowledge their loved ones or when to acknowledge BEING acknowledged as a loved one - well, that's my excuse. Are you buying it?

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