Monday, June 9, 2008

Outdoor Gear Time!

Anyone that has guys going hunting, fishing, hiking, any of that, ought to take a look here to find the tough clothes they'll need. Maybe the guys won't care so much about how durable/tough they are but who wants to be repairing or replacing ripped clothes all the time? Not me.
What the guys will like about these tactical pants is probably the fact that they're covered with pockets - okay, maybe they WILL care about how tough these are. They will appreciate not having to deal with bottoms ripped out of pockets they've stashed whatever equipment they need in. It says they're reinforced, double grommeted, all that.

Lots of other stuff here too, not just clothes. I've got a brother-in-law who's a prison guard in California, he's always looking at things like this too. You should see all the boys (my boys, his boys, their friends) with their eyes lit up looking at things he uses! His family is also seriously into back country hiking, way beyond the bounds of civilization, so tough and durable matters.

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