Monday, June 30, 2008

Where Have All The Recesses Gone?

In the series of historical fiction I've been having D read, there are a couple of times when school recess was referred to. One book mentioned two recesses in a day, later I'm noticing only one is talked about, a combined lunch then play time. That reminded me that kids used to get two recesses in elementary when D's brothers were young, then it went to one, now do they even get one? D's last school, for middle school was only a fifteen minute break!

So, we send kids to school, they sit all day, are not allowed to interact generally, then are made to clear their plates in the cafeteria (I doubt many schools do this but some do to avoid wasting food), have a very short time to be active, then back to more sitting. After that, they go home and sit to do homework much of the evening. Then we wonder why our American children need to lose weight?

Yes, I realize video games, computer games, TV, all that, contribute a great deal but where do children have role models or the chance to MOVE?!

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