Sunday, June 29, 2008

Horses and Playgrounds

The grandbabies were just here - little A and I were discussing the new park I found, she's excited about it. One thing I'm a bit worried about is that the playground is in the sun. This whole place has trees and shade but the playground equipment is right out to boil! We'll just have to make this a morning trip.

The other thing about this park she likes is that there are horses right beside it. They're in a fence, belong to the neighboring house, but the horses come up to the fence and littles pet their noses. Pretty cute. We didn't discuss how horses need a lot of room to run, plenty of fresh grass, horse supplements at times, or any of that, she's only four and she just wants to touch them.

Little D likes the horses but is more interested in cows, he had a toy cowboy and a toy cow today, so of course, the cowboy was riding the cow! Babies are so cute and adorable. I'm glad we have a new place to take them instead of always to the same neighborhood playground.

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