Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unbounded Laziness

My laziness astounds me at times. So often I think of clearing out some of the junk in this house that we brought in from storage. Yes, this stuff was in storage for years, I don't expect to finish everything all at once BUT I've had it for months now! I still have box after box after box that I haven't really bothered with. I think of things like if I die, my boys will have to deal with all this nonsense. I like having the bare minimum, just what we need, and a few things for enjoyment. I certainly have no need for old bills, spider-infested boxes of papers and junk, clothes that have been in storage that I can't fit anymore and way too much other miscellaneous nonsense. It's ridiculous.

Instead of setting some obvious goal like go through and completely take care of one box a day or even one box a WEEK, I read or sleep and worry about my job. The big giant air hockey table I need to sell is still sitting in my dining room; I actually DID put an ad up for that but someone took the ad and never called. You would think after discovering that three weeks or so ago, I would have put up another one by now! Not so. My laziness knows no bounds...

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